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Quality Welding & Fabrication, LLC has been proudly serving Elida, Ohio for over 20 years. We pride ourselves in having the equipment and experience to tackle any job.

We are locally owned, insured and certified. You can be sure that if there is a job to be done, we can take care of it for you.

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With over 20 years experience serving the Lima, OH metropolitan area, Quality Welding & Fabrication, LLC of Elida, OH knows we can provide you with quality work in a timely matter. Not all machines breakdown on weekdays and that is why we provide emergency service to get your machines up and running. We pride ourselves in making sure our customers come first.


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Senior Project Engineer

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Below are recent highlights of our work, so you will know what you are getting today. Please also browse through our Full Gallery of Work (link at the top) to see the type of work that we can offer you.

  • August 2014

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  • Millwright

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  • Structural

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  • Sheet Metal

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  • Machining

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  • Honda Stairs

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  • Coldwater Machine Company

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  • CHS

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  • Serving Commercial and Industrial Industries

    Providing valuable services to the commercial and industrial industries!

  • Emergency Services Available

    We provide our customers with emergency services for breakdowns and shutdowns. We have the tools to get your equipment up and running smoothly!

  • Come on In!

    Walk-in services are available for your welding needs!

CNC Machining

CNC Machining


  • Vertical CNC Mill
  • 23” X Travel
  • 16” Y Travel
  • 18” Z Travel
  • 7500 RPM Spindle
  • 14” x 33” T-Slotted Table
  • HAAS VF-3
  • Vertical CNC Mill
  • 40” X Travel
  • 28” Y Travel
  • 20” Z Travel
  • 7500 RPM Spindle
  • 18” X 48” T-Slotted Table
  • HAAS TL-2
  • CNC Tool Room Lathe
  • 3 Jaw Chuck
  • 8” X Travel
  • 48” Z Travel W/O Work Holding
  • 2.3” Max Diameter Stock Thru Spindle
  • 2000 RPM
  • 4” Tail Stock

CNC Plasma Cutting

CNC Plasma Cutting


  • Manual Lathe with 3 & 4 Jaw Chuck
  • 8” X Travel
  • 36” Z Travel
  • 2.5” Max Diameter Stock Thru Spindle
  • 1500 RPM
  • 5” Tail Stock
  • Vertical Mill
  • X & Y Axis Digital Readout
  • 28” X Travel
  • 22” Y Travel
  • 5” Quill Travel
  • 18” Knee Travel
  • 9” X 42” T-Slotted Table

Design, Fabricate, and Install

Design, Fabricate, and Install


We design, fabricate and install all our projects, with our latest/greatest AutoDesk software with designers and detailers you can depend on! Whether you need some emergency services, or something that is designed from scratch, Quality Welding and Fabrication can get the job done and with service that you can trust! Call us today! 419-225-6208

Millwright Services

Millwright Services


We offer a wide variety of services from plant relocation to installs, repairs, maintenance, and troubleshoot stationary industrial machinery and mechanical equipment in sites such as factories, production plants and recreational facilities. Let Quality Welding and Fabrication service all your Millwright needs! Call us today! 419-225-6208

Portable Welding

Portable Welding


Quality Welding and Fabrication specializes in portable gas, arc, TIG, MIG and aluminum welding. We provide the services you can trust and deliver the professionalism you expect! Whether your work is measured in miles or micrometers, we are ready with equipment, training, and employees to get the job done! Call us today! 419-225-6208

Sheet and Bar Sales

Sheet and Bar Sales


Quality Welding and Fabrication has a BIG selection of inventory. If you need something, more than likely we have it! Come on in, walk-ins always welcome, for all your Sheet & Bar needs. Call us today! 419-225-6208

Structural Steel Packages

Structural Steel Packages


Quality Welding and Fabrication has some of the best Structural estimators and detailers around. We have competitive prices on our Structural Steel Packages and with service that you can trust. Talk to one of our professional Structural Steel Estimators today! 419-225-6208


Primary Contact Information:

Ph: 419-225-6208

2390 Baty Rd. Ste A, Elida, OH 45807